About us


The history of STS Communication begins in 1984, as a provider of simultaneous translations for conferences. Within just a few years, the range of the company’s services evolved to include video technology, which in turn expanded the range of events into conventions, trade fairs, television production, fashion and music.


Today STS Communication is a partner that provides technological and creative solutions, using the most innovative technologies and guaranteeing total efficiency in every situation, which means speedy execution and problem-solving versatility without sacrificing maximum attention to detail. STS Communication has made the factors of an event’s success into its absolute strengths. And thanks to a team of highly prepared professionals, we can guarantee our clients the maximum results. With the skills and reputation we’ve acquired over the years, STS Communication works alongside increasingly global partners: from preliminary brainstorming to refining the concept of the event, from complete technological coordination to the creation of multimedia content.


STS Communication has always sought to develop new areas of business. Our quest to be the best in every aspect of the event production market means a constant pursuit of research and development, continuous investments and ongoing professional training.

Our Work

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The company’s core business is video technology services: mastery of the medium, know-how, hands-on professionalism, immediate problem-solving acumen and the quest for ever new solutions have always been the distinguishing features of STS Communication, recognised in both the Italian and European markets.



Numerous are our proposals of led displays in the matter of brands and technologies : indoor and outdoor led, creative led, flexible led, see-through led, both high than low resolution.



Our offer can support from the most intimate meeting room to the most extraordinary convention, thanks to multivideoprojection system, videomapping, architectural projections, 3D stereoscopic systems. We employ differents brands and both DLP and LCD technologies with a large choice of brightness and resolution.



We put at your disposal a wide selection of displays, as for brands and for size, till Ultra Stretch displays.



As always market leader for portable production units, we have in stock professional and broadcast grade Full HD, Super 35 and UHD systems. Large fleet of recording professional cameras , microcameras, Polecam, troupe ENG, with accessories (lenses, Steadycam, tracks).



Disguise, Dataton and Coolux Mediaserver, Barco E2 and S3 graphic switchers are the main supplier for our graphic and video playout systems.

Lighting & Sound

Following the ideal purpose of single technology partner, STS Communication can also provide:

  • Trusses and Riggings
  • PA Systems
  • Lights


Non–stop focused on new technologies, STS Communication has enlarged its offer to web services:
  • Digital signage
  • HD wireless links
  • Streaming
  • Multimedia interactive systems
  • Dynamic Interaction with multimedia windows
  • Temporary hot-spots for wi-fi networks
  • Entertainment on portable devices
  • Apps and Widgets
  • Interaction with social networks

Concept & Contents

Thanks to the diversified group of freelance creative directors who have been collaborating with us for years, we can offer a wide choice of solutions for every aspect of event production:

  • Computer animation
  • Editing
  • Copy writing
  • Direction
  • Presentations for speakers

Events Production

The vast technical experience we’ve accumulated, along with our understanding of the inherent problematics of the complex world of event production have given STS Communication the ability to find the right partner for every situation, event or client. As such, we can offer consummately professional 360° service in the conception, organisation and production of events at all levels of scale and complexity that will satisfy the specific demands of every client.