Full Production Company


Born to be

STS Communication is a Full Production Company always serving events with technology and innovation. Committed to providing the most innovative technologies for every type of event.



Some experiences are to be lived at three hundred and sixty degrees, and for us sound management is an important art. We make this possible with increasingly advanced systems and a valid team of technicians.


We have a frame-by-frame vision of the world, which we believe is fundamental in the management and creation of any type of video contribution that can satisfy the customer.


It is light that transforms an open scene or highlights a detail. For us it is essential to manage the lighting systems in the best possible way, to revolutionize the scenography and create ever new emotions.


We truly believe that a good design is the basis of every great project. Our goal is to conceive, design and surprise through a team of designers capable of providing experiences with intense emotional power.

Media & content

We enjoy being able to transform our clients' ideas through images, sounds and words, using all means of expression and communication at our disposal.


Our vision of the set is that of a dress to be tailor-made for every event. It is thanks to our designers and craftsmen that it becomes possible for us to create sets for every need.

Our works