Born to become MUCH MORE.

Our story begins in 1984 as a supplier of congress equipment.

But we already had the desire to become something more. This led us, in the space of a few years, to focus on conventions and congresses, trade shows, broadcast TV, fashion, concerts and retail. Always ahead and with the utmost attention to detail, speed of execution and problem-solving skills.

2020 was a year that required courageous choices from us.
But with a constant desire to go further, combined with our human capital and technological resources, we have transformed a problem into an opportunity. We have spent a lot of time experimenting, researching and developing new forms of engagement and entertainment, including the creation of innovative sets, film productions and virtual events.

We can do all this because we know how to evolve. This is our strength and what enables us to face the future, with all its challenges, proud of our past.


Born to be TECHNOLOGY MANIACS at your service.

For us, technology is an obsession. And we invest in the most advanced that exists: people. So, we design, plan and give shape to any creative intuition that customers propose to us, managing every phase of the production process. With one goal: to bring spectacular experiences to life, generating equally spectacular results.

Born to be proud VIDEO WORSHIPERS.

The power of images, from the framing of a detail to the grandeur of a LED wall.
We see the world frame by frame to manage and create all kinds of video contributions for our customers. Images that convey much more than a simple emotion.

Born to be proud LIGHT IGNITERS.

For us, light is everything. Light is life. It turns night into day, highlights a detail or an open stage. Thanks to our technology we know how to tame, recreate and use it to bring fantastic sets to life. 

Born to be good VIBES LOVERS.

We are always looking for the right vibes.
It is not enough for us to make people hear the audio of a concert, an event or a TV programme.
We make them feel it. With the most advanced systems, a team of cutting-edge technicians and a deep knowledge and care of every single phase of sound management.


Conceiving, designing, creating and surprising to propose new scenographic solutions is a mission for us. We have a team of skilled technicians and designers born to do this, helped by the most innovative technologies, which transforms an intuition into something true: a project that creates emotions. 

Born to be proud DIGITAL DREAMERS.

We like to dream, and we do it big. Whether you have an idea to realise or want a whole new idea that will surprise you, we can create the perfect content for you. Technology allows us to bring ideas to life through images and sounds, taking advantage of the different types of communication. 


The set is the tailor-made outfit of each event. It consists of a work of fine carpentry and bespoke design, which only a team of designers and artisans like ours, backed by decades of experience and an innovative laboratory for the processing of materials, can achieve. 

Born to be visionary EVENT MAKERS.

Our vision led us to build a place to continue creating after 2020.
That place has a name: STStudios.
It includes three technological and multifunctional studios, offering different sizes, technologies and services.
Thanks to the technologies used in their realisation we are among the first in Italy to use Virtual Production: the new cinematographic technique that makes it possible to mix virtual and real, offering a complete range of opportunities to produce digital and hybrid events, commercials, movies and music productions.



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